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  • Ocea Style 156 Smart Bathroom TV (15.6″, 720p)
Mahogany framed vanishing mirror TV with its waterproof smart remote control.

Ocea Style 156 Smart Bathroom TV (15.6″, 720p)


  • Water-resistant, smart bathroom TV
  • The TV will vanish completely when off and Ocea Style will turn into a beautiful silver mirror
  • Easy to set up:Mount to the wall, plug in power, connect to Wi-Fi: Done!
  • Do everything:Almost everything you can do on your phone, you can do on the Ocea Style
  • Choose from different colors and styles to match your bathroom
  • Worry free water-resistant Zepp remote control included
  • With Alexa and Google Assistant Voice Control
  • Complete with white 15’/5 meter power cable with water-resistant plugs
  • High Fidelity Audio (2 x 10 Watt)
  • Compatible with Mirror Feeds App. What is this?
  • One-year factory warranty (part and labor)
  • Easy return policy: Return within 14 days (Singapore only)

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